South African rhino poaching statistics since 2008 prove that we have lost 6 102 rhinos – only those recorded! After years of calm Namibia's latest rhino poaching statistics paints a grim picture of a country known for its massive conservation efforts. At the current rate rhinos in Southern Africa may be extinct within a few years.

This prolific slaughter can only be stopped by the collective efforts of caring individuals and supporters who are determined to make a meaningful change.

Statistics from 2008-2018 reveal the immense problem we face:

2008 - 83 rhinos killed
2009 - 122 rhinos killed
2010 - 333 rhinos killed
2011 - 448 rhinos killed
2012 - 668 rhinos killed
2013 - 1 004 rhinos killed
2014 - 1 215 rhinos killed
2015 - 1 175 rhinos killed
2016 - 1 054 rhinos killed
2017 - 1 028 rhinos killed
2018 - 769 rhinos killed
2019 - it's safe to say at least two would have been killed by the time you go to bed tonight.

The Rhino Ride is a project aimed at creating awareness and sustainable support in the fight against rhino poaching. This unique project offers a platform for diverse partners in tourism and business to get involved and actively contribute towards the greater goal of eradicating rhino poaching.

For the 2017/18 year The Rhino Ride project will be supporting rhino conservation foundations in both South Africa and Namibia. Our choice in South Africa is Chipembere Rhino Foundation and in Namibia The Next Generation Conservation Trust. These were chosen based on their credibility and transparent fund application.

Without practical knowledge we cannot be the heroes we dream to be, but we can inspire change by using our circle of influence. Take this journey with us so we can help the real heroes on the ground to safeguard our rhinos for our future generations.

The Rhino Ride Team.