Who we support

For the 2015/16 year we fully support Chipembere Rhino Foundation and Next Generation Conservation Trust because of the good work they do. Both these foundations meet the criteria as set out by The Rhino Ride. Transparent application of funds, being audited and credibility are some of the attributes that we value highly. We don't believe in paid-for PR or any controversial spending of funds contributed towards rhino conservation. Every cent or penny received should be directly applied towards conservation efforts.

Chipembere Rhino Foundation

Chipembere Rhino Foundation is a privately run, non-profit organization committed to assisting in the protection and conservation of Africa’s rhino. It was established in 2010 on Amakhala Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Trust Registration: IT/95/2011
Non-profit and Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) No: 93 004 1354
18A Tax exempt no: 222 489 1156

Bank details:
Account Name: Chipembere Rhino Foundation
Bank: FNB (First National Bank)
Branch Name: Humansdorp (South Africa)
Branch Code: 210115
Account Type: Cheque Account
Account Number: 62330309289
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
Reference: TRR2015 + your name

Next Generation Conservation Trust

Next Generation Conservation Trust Namibia is is a hi-tech approach in the war on rhino and elephant poaching in Namibia. This non-profit trust aims to put large areas of Namibia under constant aerial surveillance by means of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to detect potential poaching situations.

Trust registration T330/2014
Auditors: Hamilton & Partners

Bank details:
Account Name:The Next Generation Conservation Trust
Bank: Nedbank
Branch Code: 461 609
Account Number: 11 000 489 516
Swift Code: NEDSNANX
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Reference: TRR2015 + your name

The Rhino Ride

We’ve chosen partners that are into rhino conservation with heart and soul, please show them your heart for rhinos. You won’t regret it.

Bank details:
Sorry but you cannot have ours. We’d love to accept some funds but this will defeat the purpose of a self-funded project for a good cause. Please support our two partners here instead.